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Sue Hanson
Co-Chair, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI)

Sue is one of the inaugural Co-Chairs of the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Palliative Care Network having held that position since 2014. Her primary interests lie in the areas of patient safety and clinical improvement, human factors analysis, and care integration across health, social and aged care systems, particularly as people approach and reach the end of life.

Sue has a broad range of experience in management and health executive roles, education, clinical governance and academia. She has held senior executive roles in the public and private sector in clinical governance, patient safety and palliative care over the past three decades. Sue’s experience has included clinical roles as a Palliative Care Nurse Consultant in inpatient, community and acute consultation roles, management of community palliative care services, academic appointment as Professor of Nursing and senior executive roles at a local health district and National level. Sue led the development and implementation of the Palliative Care Australia National Standards Assessment Program and has been involved in the review and update of the last three Editions of the Palliative Care Standards. Sue has served as a Past President of Palliative Care NSW and on the Board of Palliative Care Australia.

Bend or Break: Facing change in an uncertain future.

The ability of our health, social and aged care systems to provide care to people approaching and reaching the end of life, their carers and families is being challenged by some significant issues. Among these are the growing disease burden in the population with a projected increase in the numbers of people reaching end of life, an increase in awareness regarding the benefits of palliative care and a consequential increase in community expectations regarding access, the apparent inability of health, aged and social care systems to keep pace with growing population needs, and a shift towards person centred care. Finding resilience in the face of these challenges will be critical to ensuring equitable and accessible services in the future. The question we are currently facing is will we be able to find the courage to bend – or will we break.