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Peter Morgan-Jones
Executive Chef, / Food Ambassador , HammondCare

Peter Morgan-Jones is not your typical chef. At the height of his career, cooking for the Royal Family and winning accolades at hatted fine-dining establishments, Morgan-Jones moved to the non-for-profit sector.

Through his role as food ambassador and executive chef for HammondCare and Dementia Centre, Morgan-Jones has inspired a rich and vibrant food culture across the aged care and health sector.

His first cookbooks for HammondCare Press, Don’t Give Me Eggs that Bounce and It’s All About the Food, Not the Fork! have been praised for their compassionate and educational approach to improving awareness and meal-times for vulnerable people.

Peter’s newest book Lobster for Josino: Fabulous food for our final days was released last year and has already won two awards in the Gourmand World Cookbook awards including Best Cookbook of the Year for Australia and Seniors Cookbook.

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Lobster for Josino

Peter will be showcasing innovation in food for people at end of life with a live demo of two innovative recipes from the book and speaking about how we can all bring a little comfort and pleasure to a much-desired meal.

Lobster for Josino: Fabulous food for our final days (HammondCare Publishing, 2018) is a first of its kind cookbook that recently won first prize in the Gourmand International Seniors Cookbook of the Year award and third prize in the overall Cookbook of the Year award.
Behind these and other accolades is the very real story of a person facing end of life who, like many people receiving palliative care, wanted to enjoy life to the last, including laughing with friends and family and enjoying even a taste of their favourite foods.
Josino was a loveable Portuguese chef who was dying with cancer when he contacted me through his wife, asking me to visit him in hospital. As we told stories from our time together in the kitchens of the iconic Sydney Opera House, lunch arrived and Josino’s shoulders dropped as he lifted the lid.

Complaining that he couldn’t possibly eat the meal on offer, I asked Josino what he felt like. With a cheeky grin he quickly said, “Lobster Pete!”

I spoke to the hospital staff about getting a lobster from the nearby fish markets and preparing it for Josino but this was deemed unsafe and I finished my visit with a plan to smuggle some lobster in next time I visited.

On my return two days later, Josino was in a coma and never regained consciousness.

While Josino missed out on the comfort and pleasure of a much-desired meal in his final days, his story has inspired us [Peter and Rod Macleod] along with fellow authors Prudence Ellis and Jessica Lynch to try and make sure the story is not repeated.