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Mary Dwyer
Founding Director and CEO, Impact Solutions

Mary Dwyer is the founding director and CEO of Impact Solutions International specializing in large scale change and ethical leadership. She works with business, spiritual and political leaders in countries emerging out of violent conflict. Mary believes that loving kindness is a powerful instrument for the transformation of global leadership. She views herself as a citizen of the world, travelling and working across the globe, but makes her home in Tasmania, Australia. The Final Act of Grace, Mastering a Peaceful Death was awarded the Balboa Prize in 2019. This is more than a story about love; it is also a story about death, sorrow, leadership and the spirit of all things. Full details of her work can be found at



Shining a Light on Death

When Adrian Beardsley is diagnosed with cancer at age fifty, no-one can imagine how quickly death will come, nor the challenges it will present. In her book, The Final Act of Grace,  Mary Dwyer details with courage and candour the substance of a marriage, a family, a business partnership, a spiritual journey and how she and her children faced profound loss and grief.

Her moving memoir of life’s most mysterious experience brings us into the light of an eternal grace.
Through this presentation, Mary will speak about how her book is a companion for the dying, for those losing a loved one, and for all of us wishing to consider our own deaths and to arrive well-prepared.